Today, more than ever, a secure and economic supply of energy is of utmost importance for industry, business and private users. Today’s energy resources such as coal, mineral oil, natural gas and nuclear power won’t remain available without ever more severe limitations or consequences on the environment. Reduced fossil reserves will inevitably result in higher energy prices. For nuclear energy there is today no appropriate concept for waste disposal, and probably never will be. Therefore, a basic shift is necessary towards a preference for renewable energy sources. For centuries hydropower has played an important role for mankind, and it will further assert itself in future. Many facts support the use of water as an energy resource.

Hydropower plants

‘’Renewable energy sources are the future for our and subsequent generations …and… We’re proud to be part of the future.’’ Make the most of your idea with Hidropower.

  • Large amounts of water, low head
  • Are sensitive to tail water rise at high water stages, which affects the overall net head and therefore the power output.
  • Water inlet and discharge is commonly designed using open channel, with free water level. (built-in turbine, directly by a dam)

The appropriate construction of turbines:
hydropower Kaplan’s turbine (tubular housing turbine with inclined or horizontal shaft , or open – flume turbine in pressure shaft with vertical shaft),
hydropower Francis turbine open – flume (with a horizontal or a vertical shaft)
hydropower In most cases a power transmission between turbine and generator is required. (in some cases the direct coupling with generator is possible )

  • Small amounts of water, large head
  • Insensitive to tail water fluctuations, which means virtually constant nominal head. Lower water level raising insensitivity, which also at the higher water standings means nearly constant head
  • Water inlet via pressure pipeline. To avoid water hammer, longer closing times are often required.

Suitable turbine constructions:
hydropower Francis spiral casing turbine
hydropower Pelton turbine
hydropower In most cases direct coupling with the generator is possible.